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We build beautiful, high-converting, copywriter-quality real estate sales funnel systems exclusively for the high-performance property professional who wants to convert more real estate leads into clients, build their database, and stay in constant contact with their database.

Additionally, we empower real estate agents to launch Facebook and Google Ads to attract property sellers and buyers right from their CRM, ensuring they have all the tools they need to succeed in one place.

We do this by bringing together all the digital marketing tools you used to need and have combined them into a single, robust, and bespoke Property Marketing CRM tailored to the high-performance real estate agent (new agents and veterans welcome).

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Thanks to our Built-In Conversation AI, Property Funnels transforms every interaction into a lead-generating opportunity.

This cutting-edge AI engages, understands, and responds to queries in real-time, ensuring no lead slips through the cracks.

Experience automated efficiency that feels personal and drives results

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Say goodbye to spending hours emailing, calling and texting just to start a conversation. Property Funnels automatically follows up for you until they’re ready to talk.

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Take the hassle out of scheduling appointments with our automated text, Whatsapp and email conversations and customisable campaigns – no more manual emailing, calling or texting required.

1000 leads per month


Opportunity Pipelines

Edge out the competition

Capture (and keep) people’s attention with timely messages and authentic messages– so no opportunity ever slips through the cracks. The other agents won’t stand a chance.

Do everything in one place

Property Funnels provides all the tools you need to succeed in acquiring, converting and retaining customers! No more hopscotching between different programs; keep everything under one roof with unlimited marketing campaigns, emails, landing pages, SMS, Whatsapp and a task manager — so what are you waiting for? Start connecting today!


Forms & Surveys


We Also use AI 🤖to help you generate more leads

We build AI lead magnets like the "Seller Readiness Quiz" which can be placed on your website or landing pages.

Convert more of your web traffic into leads or use it in your online advertising, email broadcasts and Whatsapp database reactivations.

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Launch High Converting Facebook and Google Ads in 45 seconds straight from your Property Funnels CRM.

Ads to attract sellers, buyers, landlords, tenants, auctions and new developments

True two-way chat. Ask for more information or chat in real time

Sales Management

Show your seller exactly what you are doing for their property, or follow the journey of your leads

Connect your personal Whatsapp number to enjoy true two-way conversations with your leads, or automate responses using the Property Funnels automations

Email Automation

Set and forget.

Build long term nurture campaigns to ensure you ALWAYS stay top of mind

Post automatically to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok and Google Business Profile

Reputation Management

Why be a best-kept secret?

Automate review requests after an appointment, key handover or successful placement - the floor is yours

Tracking Dashboard

Track your lead counts, deal values and closing percentages


With Property Specific Campaigns and Automations to Help You Grow Faster

Pre-built campaigns

Birthday campaigns, happy property anniversary and 22 weeks of done-for-you emails to ensure you remain top of mind and in your contacts’ good graces

Appointment campaigns

Get face/phone time with potential sellers and interested buyers (to keep your pipeline full-up)

Reputation campaigns

2-click reputation-enhancing campaigns to drum up positive reviews from your best or newest clients (or automate it by linking it to completed appointments)

Prequalify potential buyers with our 6-point Buyer Ready Quiz

Only if you want higher-quality long-form leads

Plan your social media posting

Automatically post to your or your team’s most important social media profiles, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google Business Profile


Automatically import new leads from Property24 and other portals into your CRM

Build active campaigns around home buyers so they sign up for appointments with you and they don’t go cold! This is one of the best ways to separate the home buyers from the browsers!

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Funnels help you Attract and grow

What’s a Funnel?

A funnel starts with a single-focused landing page that is designed to get quality inbound leads to do one thing: sign up, buy your product, or use your service. One top mistake agents make is to go too broad and try to get a home buyer and seller from the same page.

How Does A Real Estate Marketing Funnel Work?

The real estate marketing funnel is a system that helps you turn leads into clients. It starts with generating awareness among your target audience through marketing activities like Google and Facebook advertising, public relations, and content marketing.

Once you’ve caught their attention, you need to nurture your relationship with them by providing valuable information and resources.

When they’re finally ready to buy or sell a property, you’ll be top of mind and they’ll contact you to help them with the transaction.

Do Real Estate Sales Funnels Really Work?

The short answer is YES!

Real estate sales funnels are a great way to increase your business’s bottom line. By using a sales funnel, you can more efficiently target potential customers and close more deals.

A typical real estate sales funnel includes four stages: awareness, interest, decision, and action.

First, you must generate awareness of your business among potential customers. This can be done through marketing and advertising efforts.

Next, you must generate interest in your business’s products or services. This can be done through providing information about your business and its offerings.

Once you have generated interest, you must then help the potential customer make a decision about your business. This can be done through providing pricing information, testimonials, or other data that helps the customer understand the value of your business.

Finally, once the customer has made a decision, you must take action to close the deal. This can be done through negotiation and follow-up.

How Do Real Estate Agents Generate Leads?

There are a number of ways that real estate agents generate leads.

One common method is cold calling, whereby agents contact potential clients who have not expressed any interest in buying or selling property.

Another modern lead generation technique is internet marketing, where agents use online tools such as SEO and social media to reach a wider audience.

Personal networking is also a popular lead generation strategy, as it allows agents to tap into their personal and professional networks to find potential clients.

Finally, brand awareness campaigns can also be an effective lead generation tool, as they help to raise the profile of the agent and their business.

Who Needs A Funnel?

Real estate professionals who are looking for a simple and affordable solution to capturing new seller, buyer, landlord and even tenant leads, and converting them into clients (regardless of your zip code or if you’re a new business).

How A Funnel Is Built

A Funnel for real estate needs to do one of two things: It needs to help real estate professionals attract and convert curious homeowners into serious sellers; or browsing buyers into committed purchasers.

We succeed in converting buyers and sellers into clients by building high-converting and attractive landing pages in the Property Funnels CRM.

The reason why we use Property Funnels is because it’s both highly affordable and beautifully integrated with social media, has its own email sender, form and survey builder, reputation enhancer, is Google My Business integrated, is Zapier connected and so much more.

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google ads for real estate agents

5 Reasons Why Google Ads Are a Powerful Tool for Real Estate Agents

February 07, 20244 min read

In the competitive realm of real estate, standing out and capturing the attention of potential buyers, sellers, and even new agents is crucial.

Google Ads emerges as a potent ally for real estate professionals seeking to generate leads and grow their business.

This blog post will explore the myriad reasons why Google Ads is an indispensable tool for real estate agents aiming to attract a wide range of leads.


  • Targeted Lead Generation: Utilize Google Ads to reach potential buyers, sellers, and recruits at the moment they're searching for real estate services.

  • Advanced Targeting Options: Leverage detailed targeting based on location, demographics, and interests to connect with your ideal audience.

  • Measurable Success: Track your campaign's performance with real-time analytics to understand your ROI and make data-driven decisions.

  • Flexible Campaign Management: Adjust your advertising strategy on-the-fly with complete control over your budget and ad placements.

  • Diverse Ad Formats: Engage your audience with a variety of ad formats, including display ads and video tours, to showcase properties and agency culture.

Reaching Potential Clients at the Right Moment

Google Ads operates on the principle of intent, displaying your ads to users who are actively searching for related keywords.

This could range from "homes for sale" to "how to sell my house fast" or even "real estate career opportunities."

The beauty of Google Ads lies in its ability to put your services in front of people at the exact moment they are seeking them.

This immediacy significantly increases the likelihood of converting searches into leads, as you are directly answering the user's immediate need or question.

Highly Targeted Advertising

Google Ads provides a suite of targeting options that allow real estate agents to refine their audience to those most likely to convert.

Geographic targeting ensures your ads are seen by users in specific locations, crucial for real estate where the market is inherently local.

Demographic targeting can further narrow down the audience by age, gender, and income level, among other factors.

For recruitment campaigns, targeting can be adjusted to reach professionals interested in real estate careers, ensuring your ads attract qualified candidates.

Measurable Return on Investment (ROI)

One of the standout features of Google Ads is the ability to track almost every aspect of your campaign.

From the number of clicks to the cost per lead, real estate agents can monitor their ad performance in real-time. This data is invaluable for understanding what's working and what isn't, allowing for quick adjustments to improve efficiency and ROI.

Furthermore, conversion tracking can be set up to see exactly how many leads are generated from your ads, providing clear insights into their effectiveness.

Flexibility and Control

Google Ads offers unmatched flexibility in managing your advertising efforts. You can start, pause, or stop your campaigns at any time, giving you control over your advertising spend.

Budgets can be adjusted according to performance or market changes, allowing real estate agents to respond dynamically to their business needs.

This level of control makes Google Ads an ideal platform for real estate agents with varying budgets and marketing goals.

Diverse Ad Formats

Google Ads isn't just about text ads; it also offers a range of formats that can be particularly effective for real estate marketing.

Display ads can showcase properties with compelling images across the web, while video ads on YouTube can give potential buyers a virtual tour of your listings.

For those looking to generate recruitment leads, these visual formats can also highlight the benefits and culture of your agency, appealing directly to prospective agents.


For real estate agents, Google Ads presents a unique opportunity to generate buyer, seller, and agent recruitment leads effectively.

Its ability to reach potential clients at the right moment, combined with advanced targeting options and measurable outcomes, makes it a powerful tool in any real estate marketing strategy.

The flexibility and variety of ad formats further enhance its appeal, offering creative ways to showcase listings and attract new talent.

In the fast-paced world of real estate, Google Ads is more than just an advertising platform; it's a critical component for growth and success.

If you're interested in implementing Google Ads in your business, and doing it the easy way, why not consider our Google Ads Launcher here

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blog author image

David Steynberg

David Steynberg is a serial entrepreneur who has been involved in the South African real estate market for more than 10 years. He started his career in media before moving into copywriting and marketing, combining these skills to create full-stack solutions for real estate professionals and agency owners alike. He enjoys developing strategies that will take any agent or business owner to the next level while also providing an edge over their competitors. His company Property Funnels provides CRM, lead generation, reputation management, social media management, content creation and SEO services alongside other essential needs of property agents like websites, funnels and brand development.

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