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Commonly Asked Questions

What is Property Funnels?

Property Funnels is a comprehensive real estate marketing CRM designed to streamline your marketing, lead generation, and customer relationship management. Our platform allows you to build marketing funnels, manage leads, create automated workflows, track leads through pipelines, automate your social media posting, launch Facebook ads, and communicate with leads via WhatsApp and email, all from one place.

How can Property Funnels benefit my real estate business?

Property Funnels brings all your marketing and CRM activities under one roof. With our platform, you can save time on managing various tools, eliminate the need to switch between different platforms, and increase your efficiency. By automating key processes, you can spend more time focusing on nurturing leads and closing deals.

Is Property Funnels suitable for my small real estate agency?

Absolutely. Property Funnels is designed to scale and adapt to real estate businesses of all sizes. Whether you're a small agency or a large corporation, our platform can accommodate your needs and grow with you.

How does the lead management feature work?

Our lead management feature allows you to track leads from the moment they enter your funnel to the moment they close. You can categorize, score, and assign leads, as well as set up reminders and follow-ups. This allows you to optimize your sales process and ensure that no lead falls through the cracks.

Can I automate my social media posts using Property Funnels?

Yes, you can. Property Funnels allows you to schedule and automate posts across various social media platforms. This helps keep your social media presence consistent and engaging without taking up too much of your time.

How does the Facebook Ads feature work?

Our platform integrates with Facebook Ads, allowing you to create, manage, and track the performance of your ad campaigns directly from your CRM. This eliminates the need to switch between platforms, making your marketing activities more efficient.

How can I contact leads using Property Funnels?

Property Funnels supports multi-channel communication, allowing you to contact your leads via WhatsApp and email directly from our platform. This way, you can reach out to your leads on the platforms they prefer, increasing your chances of engagement.

Is my data safe with Property Funnels?

Yes, your data is absolutely safe with us. We use advanced security measures to ensure that your data is protected at all times. We are committed to maintaining the privacy and integrity of your data.

What kind of support do you offer?

We offer a comprehensive customer support portal to ensure that your questions and concerns are addressed promptly. Our team is also ready to assist you with any issues you may encounter.

Can I sync my calendar with Property Funnels?

Yes, Property Funnels integrates seamlessly with Google Calendar and Outlook. You can synchronize your appointments and meetings in Property Funnels with your preferred calendar provider. This integration ensures that you never miss an important booking or meeting.

Does Property Funnels integrate with my email service provider?

Absolutely. Property Funnels offers a true two-way sync with your regular email service provider. This means that all the emails you send or receive through your regular email service are automatically updated in the Property Funnels CRM, and vice versa. This keeps all your communications synchronized, organized, and easily accessible in one place.

How can I schedule a meeting or property viewing using Property Funnels?

With our calendar integration, scheduling a meeting or a property viewing is as simple as a few clicks. Simply choose a date and time, and the appointment will be saved both in the Property Funnels CRM and your Google or Outlook calendar. This ensures that you and your leads are always on the same page about scheduled appointments.

How can I get started with Property Funnels?

Getting started with Property Funnels is easy. Simply sign up on our website, choose your plan, and you'll be guided through the set-up process. If you encounter any difficulties or have any questions, our support team is always here to help.

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